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 Edinburgh Farmers Market 

is closed  - you can collect a Pre-Order at any of the Margiotta shops in Edinburgh

01738 730201 

You can pre-order meat to collect at our farm.

The collection pod is open 8am-8pm 7 days


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Hugh Grierson Organic farm butchery

Wednesday 27th MAY

Thank you for coming to our organic farm butchery, we can take orders for beef, lamb & pork anytime but have limited availability for chicken. Let us know what you want and we shall book in what we can.

You can order online, by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us 01738 730201 and get your order in 3 different ways:

  • Order SUNDAY by 6pm for FARM COLLECTION on TUESDAY from 10am onwards. You can shop for eggs at the same time in our egg pod. 
  • Order WEDNESDAY by 6pm for FARM COLLECTION on FRIDAY from 10am onwards. Eggs available as usual
  • By overnight courier - order deadline Monday 6pm
  • If you are an Edinburgh Farmers Market customer you can now pick up a PRE-ORDER at any one of the MARGIOTTA chain of shops in Edinburgh. Place your order with us by TUESDAY 6pm, CHOOSE option 3 at OUR checkout and type in your NEAREST Margiotta shop from this list and your order will be there on FRIDAY. Pay Margiotta at their till 
  • We do NOT have an online payment facility
  • Payment is by debit/credit card or cash
  • Once we receive your order we will email or call you within 24 hours for delivery and payment details. Office hours are 8am - 4pm MON-FRI


  • Minimum order for courier delivery: £60
  • Free delivery on orders over £160 UK wide
  • Orders between £60 & £160: £14 p+p

We Produce our own Organic Beef, Lamb Pork and chicken fresh each week for delivery UK wide

Our delicious Scottish organic beef, organic lamb, organic pork and organic chicken is:

  • Grass fed and full of flavour
  • Organic meat matured in the traditional manner (beef is hung for 3 weeks)
  • Locally bred and reared organically on our farm in Perthshire, Scotland
  • Meat is vacuum packed for maximum freshness
  • Packed in convenient sized cuts

On our organic farm we rear traditional Scottish beef, lamb, chicken and pork. Our beef is organic Aberdeen Angus beef, bred from our own herd, built up over 35 years. Our organic Aberdeen Angus herd graze on lush pastures on our organic farm in Perthshire, Scotland and are fed a natural grass diet with animal welfare as our top priority.We believe in producing quality food, whilst caring for the countryside. We achieved organic status in October 2002 and are certified by the Soil Association.

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