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Jan 2017: keeping chickens in. What happens?

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The Sound of Summer

Despite last night’s downpour and a feeling of disbelief in this less than delightful weather, I know what’s going to happen. Suddenly we’ll get a run of hot days, and then we shall cast off the winter layers and frolic in the heat and sunshine. In the annual ritual that accompanies this BBQs will be dragged out, last year’s charred remains burnt off, and we shall issue invitations to those friends of ours who like sitting outside in a warm jumper eating lots of meat. tablelaid

The cook in the house will make salads, do the meat shopping, look up recipes for marinades, and then hand the tongs over to their other half. They will proceed to take all the credit, to accompanied cheers, whilst drinking one too many beers and overcooking the sausages. Sound familiar? I’m not casting aspersions on any of your BBQ techniques, it’s just what tends to happen in our home. I don’t miflowerbee 1024x685nd – I’m happy to defer to Hugh’s considerable expertise with the BBQ tongs.

We will sit in the garden and look at the grass growing, wildflowers opening, and the profusion of wilderness and weediness that we can never quite manage to get on top of. At a lull in the conversation we shall do a bit of listening. At this time of year, to go with the growing season in full swing, the insects come out in profusion too, and following them, the birds who eat them, and before you know it our back garden is quite a noisy, busy place.

It’s a happy by product of farming organically, we have a lot of insect and bird life around us. I’m not saying that organic farms are the only places you’ll find bird and insect life, I’m saying that there’s more of it on organic farms.

 mg 2923So that’s what you support by buying organic: greater biodiversity in our countryside. Biodiversity, as well as being lovely to be amongst, is important for food security. As the UNFAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation) says “With the erosion of biodiversity, humankind loses the potential to adapt ecosystems to new challenges such as population growth and climate change”.

So with that big serious thought, add a few organic sausages or burgers into your annual BBQ ritual this summer. I guarantee they’ll be delicious, and when the sizzling has died down listen out for that low hum of summer insects in the air. 

Bone Broth

The phone goes. It’s a request for bones, from organic grass fed animals. I’ve already had 2 or 3 conversations about the same thing that week. It’s all about Bone Broth. Animal bones, long ignored except by the most diligent of home cooks and chefs, are now in hot demand so that I sell out each week and have a queue for them.

What’s happening? Why have beef marrow bones become the hottest thing in food fashion?

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Lamb for Easter


Call into our Organic Farm Butchery at Newmiln farm, Tibbermore, Perth, PH1 1QN

Pure Bred Aberdeen Angus Beef, Home bred Lamb, Berkshire Rare Breed Pork, Free Range Chicken and eggs.
Opening hours:8-4pm Mon Tues Wed & Fri.

  • We are open on Good Friday 3rd April for Easter orders
  • Call 01738 730201 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order
  • Visit us at Edinburgh Farmers Market EVERY Saturday 9-2pm
  • Find us at Perth Farmers Market Saturday 4th April

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Christmas 2014

5:50 pm, November 24, 2014

Turkeys, Large Chickens, Beef, Lamb, Pork & Bacon. All organic, free range, reared on our farm & delicious

How to order for Christmas?

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Sustainability types. The Grower: Bruce Bennett

11:36 am, November 12, 2013

Pillars of Hercules, Falkland, Fife.

Blink and you miss it. Pillars of Hercules is that typical hidden gem. Turn just off the A912 and it unfolds like a horticultural tardis. Shop, café, box scheme, vegetable farm, hens for eggs, and the best salads in Scotland. Its owner, Bruce Bennett likes it that way. Local food for local people, and he means it. No brown tourist signs, no fanfare, only a vision realised over 30 years of shovelling compost and having the confidence to get the practical jobs done.

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