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Chicken FAQs - how do we rear ours - Sept 2017?

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Good food culture in Scotlands big year.

2:58 pm, September 30, 2014

Phew. Lets all catch our breath. Scotland is having a very busy year. Commonwealth games, Referendum, Ryder Cup, AND good weather. As farmers we have had a near perfect growing year. We’ve needed it. After the very challenging growing seasons of 2012 and 2013 we were due a good one, and with impeccable timing the weather gods delivered.

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Growing things: A Mysterious Process

4:53 pm, March 23, 2014


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Feeding the 5000 – Edinburgh Oct 5th

8:55 pm, October 11, 2013

About 3 weeks ago I got an email.

In it was this: “Dear Chefs” it began… oh thats not me I’m not a chef. Er, yes my name is there on the list. “You will each produce 833 portions of healthy, nutritious, & tasty food with waste vegetables, 2 litres of rapeseed oil, in 3 pots, in 4 hours with help from some volunteers. Please send us your recipes.” I began to whimper. So much so that Hugh intervened and I had to admit that I’d said one “yes” too many. He laughed very hard, at me, and I suppose so did I. This was going to be a challenge. After a few recipe trials I made my very simple food decisions and sat back.

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