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Keeping our chickens in: The Consequences

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to 2017. As you may all be aware, since December 6th all free range and organic poultry producers have been instructed to keep their birds indoors. We have now had a further instruction to keep our birds in until the end of Feb 2017. 
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At Newmiln in the sheds for our organic chickens, we do not routinely add artificial light. At this time of year we rely on the short hours of daylight entering our sheds when we open the doors every morning to stimulate our birds to eat and therefore grow. Chickens are very responsive to their environment and so are stimulated by light to eat, drink and move about. 

Our birds have been closed in since Dec 6th, and the consequent lack of light, means that they have not been eating and growing as they should. They are therefore undersized and not ready for slaughter and butchery.
We have now rectified this situation by adding a few extra hours of artificial light every day and we hope that our birds will make up for lost growing time over the next few weeks.


We shall continue to process a limited number of what birds we can over the next 3 weeks however if your order does not contain all your requested items please bear with us. We aim to get back on track as soon as possible. In the meantime we have a full butchery service of beef lamb and pork with some chicken, just a bit less. We shall look forward to hearing from you when you next place an order. 
Hugh  & Sascha