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Please call to order 01738 730201. You can pick up from our honesty shop at the farm 7 days a week 8am-8pm

A traditional family farm in Perthshire

Farm Tour: Pig Farm

Back in 2009 we became accidental pig farmers. In order to ensure a good supply of hardy pigs, that live outdoors, to make great tasting pork and bacon, we needed to start rearing them ourselves. We acquired some Berkshire sows and a boar and off we went. Its not quite that simple but 8 years later here we are with 10 sows producing about 70-80 pigs a year. We have introduced some other rare breeds to our herd including Large Black, to produce a longer pig with more loin for bacon and also for a bit of hybrid vigour.

All rare breed pigs do well in our organic system, as we ahve to keep them outside. They grow slowly, thrive outdoors, and produce sweet tasting if slightly fattier pork than you may be used to. They are docile to keep, although they do like to break out of any fence you try to keep them in. However everyone loves them, there is nothing more designed to produce the "awww" moment than a group of black hairy piglets running up to the feed trough, and they arean especially big hit with schoolchildren when they come on RHET School visits.

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