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Please call to order 01738 730201. You can pick up from our honesty shop at the farm 7 days a week 8am-8pm

A traditional family farm in Perthshire

Farm Tour: Pure Home bred Lamb

In our sheep flock we are working towards producing good meaty lambs that require the minimum of handling and that thrive outdoors on grass. Its important to have animals that don't need too much handling as this minimises stress for the animal and the workload for us.

We use Easycare ewes (mothers) and cross them with Texel rams (fathers). The Texel breed gives our lamb good meat quality without too much fat. The Easycare ewes are a breed which are able to have their lambs easily in the field, are good mothers, and shed their own wool.

Our sheep flock live outdoors all year round as part of our integrated system of organic farming. The flock of 300 ewes is checked daily but largely left alone to feed in the organic grass fields and live in their natural way. Our lambs are born in the spring and are ready by September. We also do a small lambing in February so we have finished lambs for sale from June to August.

As our lambs grow and mature on grass from June to the following May their flavour varies from more delicate and sweet in September to a more complex flavour the following may. This is a natural variation in tune with the seasons.

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