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our butchery is shut - you can collect a pre-order at our farm egg shop 01738 730201

Edinburgh Farmers Market is closed, you can collect a pre-order from any of the Margiotta shops in Edinburgh

What our Customers say

“The Sirloin was so good it made me emotional”

Graeme Pallister, Chef Patron 63 Tay St, Perth & Slow Food Chef Alliance member

“Without question, its Grierson beef, pure bred Aberdeen Angus”

Neil Forbes, Scottish Chef of the Year 2011 & Chef Director at much loved Edinburgh institution Cafe St Honore. Neil is committed to using local produce, in season, to best effect

“BBQ’ed some on sunday, tender and delicious”

Local customer describing their Sirloin Steak

“It was with great joy that Hugh Grierson Organic lamb became part of my being”

Paul Chek – Holistic Health Practitioner and Founder of CHEK Institute

“YAY! The best meat in the world!”

Amber and Ailsa Blyth, aged 5 and 2

“Hugh Grierson and trust go in the same sentence”

Customer complimenting his Christmas Roast

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the chicken. Yes, it was expensive but we got a roast chicken dinner for four, chicken curry for four and three litres of chicken broth from it. All agreed it was the richest, chickeny chicken we’d ever tasted”

Shop Customer, Food for Thought, Pitlochry

“Organic food is the corner stone of my health and I know first hand that Hugh and Sascha take every care they can to ensure their food not only tastes good, but exceeds all the expectations of the health conscious consumer”

Colin Clayton – Health Practitioner